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You’re not alone. We all need support sometimes; life is complicated and poses difficult challenges. As you struggle to make the right decisions, uncover your true potential, and find the happiness you deserve, it’s good to know there is someone ready to listen and guide you on your personal path. Discover how I apply my psychic intuitive skills every day to help men and women just like you — people dealing with issues such as Love, Career, Money, Family, Relationship & Happiness.


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Tarot Card Reading

Whether you’d like to have us host a tarot reading at your bachelor party, wedding, birthday party, or anniversary, our psychic can come to you. Additionally, we offer personalized readings, as well as a wide variety of tarot card readings. Tarot cards hold spiritual power and can give you insight into your career, love life, finances, and health.


My Spells will shift your awareness, with this openness to explore and start working with the energy of the Universe, you can start living a life that is bigger and more harmonious than you could have ever imagined for yourself. If you are seeking absolute truth and lasting powerful results for your life, spiritual awareness, peace, happiness, love, then indeed you’ve found the right place. However I am saying that there is a way to achieve this with your spirit, mind and body, you must be completely open with faith and love and let go of that fear that’s been tying you down. I offer LOVE Spells, Good Fortune Spells, Repair Relationship Spells, Money Spells. 

Spiritual Cleansing and Detox

Would you want to be in ‘this moment’ where you totally feel free, energetic, healthy, full of love, peace and life; and your fears, worries, obsessions and negative emotions and thoughts are no longer exist? Wellness is a state which is only to be reached through the ultimate balance and harmony between body and soul. An ancient Hindu proverb says: “Each of us is a house with four rooms. Emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. At our shops we offer Spiritual Cleansing and Detox. 

Reuniting Loved Once and Love Reading

I am a Love Therapist specializing in reuniting loved ones and guiding them to connect with their soulmate. Are you asking yourself, Am I in the right relationship? How do I know for sure if he/she is the one? Will I find my soulmate? MY intuitive abilities are gifts that i share with my clients to bring resolution to many unanswered questions.I have very strong powerful psychic abilities. I can help you find answers on love, career and destiny questions.

Palm Reading

The palm will tell things about yourself, personality, and things that are going on with you. Tarot cards will tell you about yourself, and other people in your life such as will you love, career, finances, health, and family. I specialize in love and have helped all who have contacted me. With my love reading, I will tell you who and where your soulmate is and how to become closer. I will reunite you with your soul mate and restore the love call for your answers.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy centers within our bodies that are the opening for-life energy to flow into and out of our aura function of the seven major chakras to vitalize the physical body, and to bring about development of our self -consciousness. Come to me so you could get chakras reading and cleansing. I also offer chakra balancing to help you keep your chakra in check.

Tea leaf reading

Tea leaf reading is a special type of divination (fortune-telling) that involves interpreting the patterns of leftover tea leaves in a cup of tea. I look for special symbols and shapes in these tea leaves, and use them to make predictions about your future.

Coffee Reading

Find out the answers to all your questions with one massive tarot card reading. I’m a tarot card reader who uses a unique tarot layout to divine your past, present, and future on many subjects. Receive guidance in love, marriage, business, and success.


Satisfied Customers


"Shiann is a very kind and friendly person, one will definitely feel comfortable talking to her. She will indeed tell you things about yourself and how you might be feeling. One session will simply make you feel great again. The prices I feel like are reasonable, and if it's necessary to continue meeting with her I suggest that you should. In regards to her telling you about your future, I suggest everyone to let her do her work for you, indeed everything takes time and nothing happens overnight. One must remain patient and when having a question just simply ask her, and she will clear things up"


"I feel like no words could accurately express how much I appreciate Shiann. I’ve been getting readings done for the majority of my adult life and she’s hands down one of the best! The precision of her readings and compassion for helping others is beyond incredible. I had an important work decision I needed to make immediately the day I reached out to her and without hesitation she set aside the time to speak with me. I’m so grateful for our session because ever since I’ve felt at peace, I will definitely be coming back soon!"


"Today I went in and got a reading from this amazing woman. I can say I am more than pleased with her service. Her reading was spot on, me and my best friend were both left amazed. She had answers to questions that no one would know. She was friendly, warm and overall very welcoming. I recommend anyone looking for answers or simply just looking for other spiritual services to go to this place of business. We were left feeling very enlightened and overall looking forward to our future. Thank you again so much for this opportunity and I hope anyone reading this definitely gives her a try. You will not be disappointed!"


"One of the best I can honestly say just amazing if you were thinking about getting a psychic reading done you must try her ty Shiann’s your the best"

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